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Advent Guides

Each of our guides is created around a theme that we overlay on the Nativity. We use a four-week format that invites you into the story and then into a personal response. With imaginative language and a disarming beauty, we appeal to the spiritually curious regardless of faith orientation. As we see it, Advent is the most natural time of the year to invite anyone to explore the origin story of Jesus.


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Inspired by the classic, Miracle on 34th Street, here is a journalistic approach to the Miracle of the Nativity. We ask When, What, How, Why and Who. Each week offers a reflection, a family-friendly activity and a prayer. The devotions were written by five pastors from a wonderful church in Colorado and includes the Advent text from Luke's gospel, a Christmas Eve devotion and space for a note in the inside jacket.

Miracles Advent Guide

Grandma's House

This is rightly titled a "scandalous" guide; how else to account for all the questionable women mentioned in the story? To find these women in the sweet season of Advent is like gong to Grandma's for the holidays only to have the family's dirty laundry aired out over dinner! Three Colorado pastors take you through the weeks of Advent (includes Christmas Eve) to meet Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathesheba and Mary as we are reminded that the world's Savior comes from a "real" family tree - just like us.

Grandma's House Advent Guide

Primary Colors

Our most colorful guide sees the three "eternal" virtues of Truth, Goodness and Beauty as God's primary colors for our lives all painted from a palette of Grace. We select Nativity characters to symbolize these virtues and invite an engaging response each week including a "color" activity (especially fun for children). Written collaboratively by five Colorado pastors, this guide includes a Christmas Eve devotion.

Primary Colors Advent Guide

The Door - customizable Advent guide

One of the themes of the Nativity story is to "make Him room". In this Advent guide we take that challenge quite seriously! We create four "doors" that make space for Christ and for each other during this busy time of the year. Each devotional reading is followed by a weekly prayer, quotes from C. S. Lewis and two activities to try: one for all and one especially for children.

*A unique feature is a blank first page that can be personalized for a church, organization or family for orders over 100. Contact

The Door Advent Guide

Van Gogh

Many don't know that Van Gogh was a Christian missionary before he was an artist. This Advent Guide was inspired by this untypical saint. In it, you’ll meet four fellow misfits from the Nativity Story that will inspire your spiritual journey. With an explanation of different Advent traditions at the beginning, you’ll have a weekly reading with an invitation into three creative responses: to pursue beauty, share burdens & learn grace.

Van Gogh Advent Guide

 The Third Way

Jesus responded to violence with neither violence nor passivity; His was a “Third Way” and this Way was not discovered in Christ's adulthood; His birth narrative sets it all up. In this Advent Guide, you’ll meet the first villains and heroes of The Way - such as the misunderstood innkeeper! We provide questions and reflections as to how we might better live Christ's Third Way. This guide connects especially well with the younger generations within and outside of the church.

Third Way Advent Guide


Thin Places  

Ever feel God nearby? The ancient Celts described these experiences as “thin places” between heaven and earth. The Nativity Story is nothing if not a series of such encounters! This Guide highlights four thin place experiences seen in the four recorded hymns of the story. We provide a weekly reading, a Celtic tradition to try and various ways to cultivate your own thin places. The Celtic expression of the Christian faith lends itself well to those suspicious of the traditional church.

Thin Places Advent Guide

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