Tim Brygger


My wife, Sarah, and I moved to Denver with our five children to attend Denver Seminary. I graduated in May 2016 with two master’s degrees: one in Theology and one in Christian Formation & Soul Care. During those years we added our sixth child.

Before attending seminary Sarah and I served a stint in Brazil with Cru, I worked for a decade as a freelance graphic designer, I self-published a book on Christian identity, and collaborated for a year with Focus on the Family on The Family Project, a DVD teaching series regarding God’s design for family. During seminary I was involved with the Spiritual Transformation and Discipleship Alliance – having been invited to take over as director – and, through that network, co-led day retreats for ministry leaders. Post-seminary I still co-lead those day retreats, I have served as an interim professor at Denver Seminary, and have co-written a booklet for incoming students that equips them to thrive spiritually in a stressful, academic environment.

My Work with Urban Skye

I joined Urban Skye early in 2017, it being a wonderful fit for me as a faith entrepreneur. Under Urban Skye I am developing a guidebook for a nine month journey of culture-building at home. It will direct parents, young couples, and singles in an intentional exploration of how the mundane and unexamined aspects of home life are the very places where God invites His people to enter into a formative relationship with Him that profoundly touches the world. It reestablishes the home as the first spiritual community that God designed and gives practical steps as it makes much of our role as worshipers and as His stewards, made in His image! This full-time venture continues to coalesce partners in the United States and overseas, creating amazing potential – equipping God’s people to embody a rich, tangible experience of life in God’s Kingdom that is naturally endowed from one generation to the next.

More About Me

I am a “creative” who sees congruity where it may not be obvious. That creativity expresses itself in tactile arts (painting, woodcuts, and pottery) when it isn’t being used in theology and Christian practice. I am a person who appreciates deep connection – to my family, to God, to the world around me, and to those who partner with me in work. Please reach out if you want to know more about what I am doing or how I am doing it. I would love to connect!

For more details please visit my personal website here: timbrygger.com