Millie Cline


A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, I love new adventures and challenges so I moved to Denver over 25 years ago to pursue a counseling degree from Denver Seminary. Shortly after arriving in Denver I declared myself “home”. In 1994 my thirst for adventure drew me away from my adopted hometown to Johannesburg, South Africa (just months after Mandela became president). On loan from YoungLife, I guided three churches as they dreamed about and developed a relational ministry for youth in the inner-city of Johannesburg. While recruiting and training a leadership team in South Africa, I discovered my passion for encouraging and helping people to discover and develop their own gifts, talents and leadership potential. After returning home to Denver, I continued to discover my personal calling while working at Mile High Ministries with Issachar, Joshua Station, and by helping to plant and grow three different church communities. Through this repeated pattern of helping others to create and build their visions and dreams, I realized that I had discovered part of my calling.

Then around 2000 I began my journey into spiritual direction that would combine all my skills and refine my calling more. I became a certified spiritual director through the Vincentian Center for Spirituality and Work and, while there, found amazing insight into and confirmation for my own gifts and talents. Since then I have guided many individuals on their own search for direction and focus in their spiritual and daily lives.

I also have my own creative visions and dreams and in 2009 my dream of having a family came to fruition when I adopted two beautiful and pretty amazing children. My son, DJ is a competitive fencer with an eye on the 2024 Olympics My daughter, Rebecca is a talented dancer who dreams of Julliard. Between these two teenagers, I am kept moving (mostly in my beat-up Saturn SUV) and dreaming of what might be. Together, we live in a diverse urban neighborhood just east of downtown in a wonderful old home.

I am still a “Jill-of-all-trades” who juggles single parenthood with several jobs which “mostly” fit under the umbrella of UrbanSkye’s tag “guide for the creative, spiritual life”.

My work with UrbanSkye:

I joined Dave in his UrbanSkye adventure after working together at a local church. There, we found a common bond around being “misfit” pastors called beyond the physical walls of the church to those searching for a way to make their faith real within their own sub-culture.  Over the last six years I have lead and taught staff trainings and retreats, mentored, coached, and spiritual directed numerous young leaders, while introducing many people to the spiritual insight and wisdom of the enneagram. I have also had the pleasure of teaching and co-directing Denver Urban Semester, a residential semester of learning in Denver that focuses on connecting college students from non-urban environments to a cross-cultural training experience that provides holistic training, spiritual formation, and internships with the under-served urban population. Three semesters a year, summer, fall and spring, college students come to Denver to live and engage in the city, learn about themselves, experience and serve other cultures, and discover the majesty and mystery of God. It is a privilege and honor to guide young leaders as they move out into the world integrating their faith and culture.

Other Stuff:

I have begun to wonder what God might have ahead for me as my children grow and become more independent. I have a desire to write and to lead others in prayerful creative reflection and am curious how this will unfold in the future. The enneagram will always be a powerful spiritual tool for me and I would love to get additional training in its application over the next few years. This however, involves both additional time and money both in short supply (remember those two awesome kids). I plan to continue introducing it to others and walking with them as they discover more about their soul so let me know if you want some challenge and insight into your soul and story.

Also in my seven years at UrbanSkye, I have supplemented my support raising with various other jobs.  I currently have two additional jobs outside of UrbanSkye. I am praying and hoping to increase my support this year enough that I can drop down to one extra job so that I might be more present for both my children and for those I teach, mentor and guide.