Mike & Mary Sares

In February of 2000, Mary and Mike Sares hosted a dozen young adults in their living room, beginning a series of meetings which resulted in the forming of Denver’s Scum of the Earth Church. Mike served as the lead pastor for the next nineteen years, while Mary mentored women and started Scum’s Children’s Sunday School. In February of 2019, Mike passed the torch to the next generation of leaders while he and Mary embarked on a new journey called Steel Toaster Ministries.

Steel Toaster Ministries exists to encourage and equip a new generation of church planters, leaders, pastors, and missionaries—especially in the formation of ministries to “the left-out and the right-brained.” Basically, Mike and Mary believe that there should be a “scum-of-the-earth-like” church in every city of the world and are currently working with folks both in the USA and abroad. They’ve also learned a thing or two about working with young people and want to help aging Christian churches effectively pass the faith and the church to following generations.

Steel Toaster Ministries believes that the best work for the Kingdom of God in Christ is done through relationships. It is by knowing and walking through life with the next generation (or any generation) that something of eternal value is passed on. Mike and Mary accomplish this person-to-person, sometimes via Skype or FaceTime sessions, phone, and email. The writing of books, blogs, and articles is part of their ministry strategy, as well as leading small groups and speaking at various conferences and retreats.

Other Stuff:

Mike has authored the book, Pure Scum: The Left-Out, the Right-Brained and the Grace of God, published with InterVarsity Press. He has also been the driving force for a few of the Urban Skye Advent Guides. Mary is in the process of taking her historical novel, Where is My Home, from a rough draft to a first draft. The book is about her parents’ love story, their separate escapes from Communist Czechoslovakia, the subsequent adventures that led them all over Europe, and how they were finally reunited and married in America two years later.

Mary and Mike Sares have four grown children (Katina, Sophia, Luke, and Ethan) and a granddaughter on the way, due in October of 2019.

For more ministry info, go to www.steeltoaster.org