Matt & Tonia Hulst


We have called Denver home for almost 6 years (previously from the Midwest) and live bi-vocationally as urban missionaries (Matt as a teacher and Tonia as a Registered Nurse, both part time). Our mission is to foster a “family” of like-minded people who are Good News to the millennial generation in our neighborhood. We live rhythms that cultivate community, disciple/train, and send out others to do the same. We got married in 2013 and have a baby girl, Aila. Together, we are a family that functions on mission with the hope of seeing little pockets of the Kingdom multiply throughout Denver city.

Our work with Urban Skye:

We live as urban missionaries to millennials in our city. A growing portion of millennials (ages 18 - 30) in our nation have found Church to be irrelevant to their lives and some feel unwelcome. We are creating spaces and places for these people to encounter Jesus and experience His love for them. We have a strong shepherding ability and enjoy digging into individuals lives. Because of this we commit our daily rhythms to inviting friends into the process of “trying” to follow Jesus along with us. We believe that this movement goes beyond our neighborhood, so we teach and equip others to reproduce the same sort of discipleship. Our dream is that in five years we will see a network of Jesus centered communities scattered around the city, and also see other connected groups spring up throughout our country.  

Other Stuff:

Urban Missionaries / Multipliers of Jesus-centered Communities

  • Missional Home Groups once a week

  • Bi-Monthly Church Celebration (Sharing stories, worship, teaching, and prayer)

  • Missional Residency program

  • Speaking at various discipleship schools and events.

720.737.0476 / 1649 S Lafayette St Denver CO 80210 /