Katy Owens


A missionary kid in Russia until five, living a life centered on meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others was instilled at a young age. Though unsure what I wanted to be “when I grew up,” it was no surprise to my parents and mentors when I decided to pursue mission work as a vocation. I’ve lived in Denver for six years, after moving here from St. Louis in 2010 to attend the University of Denver. It was there I first began to fall in love with this city. The skyline takes my breath away every time, but more than the city and its culture, I love the people. The day-to-day of my work changes based on season and opportunity flowing from a base centering on relationship and presence, and a constant pursuit of justice and mercy in line with God’s redemptive and restorative work in this world.

My Work with Urban Skye:

My work with Urban Skye flows first from a belief that God does not want to use me, God wants to be with me. From this “withness” flows my right identity as a Beloved Child of God. As such I am free to not find my value in what I do, but in who I am. I am then free to show up from a place of honesty and vulnerability, and from my authentic self see and be fully present with others. This allows me to see, love, and value the precious Beloved Children I interact with every day.

This ministry of presence, of withness, of truly seeing, is what I strive to form. One that seeks not to do for, but to be with others. I believe one of our core struggles is loneliness, and being seen and valued for one’s authentic self meets this need. My weeks are spent engaged in intentional relationships with others, being a true friend, someone there to listen and invite, challenge, and walk alongside people in their spiritual and physical journeys.

I also spend part of my week at Network Coffee House, a ministry of presence with Denver’s most vulnerable. It is a safe place for the homeless to show up and be welcome, safe, and secure. We provide free coffee, a place to rest one’s head, endless games of chess, and most importantly - friendship.

God is in the business of relationship, restoring this world towards the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promise to “make all things new.” Part of God re-orienting this world towards God’s original design for perfect relationship with the Trinity is to invite us, the Beloved Children of God, to partner in this restoration work. This looks like works of justice and mercy on this earth. Because of this, in addition to seeking to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of those I am in ministry with, I also pursue meeting physical and tangible needs. Over the years this has looked like doing advocacy work around homelessness and racial justice, working around policy change, and working with communities of faith to develop theology of restoration and justice.

Other Stuff:

Though one day I would love to work full-time with Urban Skye, I am currently excited by the opportunity to work bi-vocationally. I split my weeks between ministry with Urban Skye and working for a real estate company doing marketing. Both are incredible opportunities to build intentional relationships, learn, grow, and be challenged. I am also a photographer and a writer.

When I’m not working, I’m usually with friends, in the mountains, at the gym, nose-deep in a thought-provoking book, or hanging out at one of Denver’s many phenomenal coffee shops. If you live in Denver, hit me up and I’ll introduce you to one (or three) of my favorites; or come join me at Network some Tuesday morning, I promise it will change your life.