Judy Bruce

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I spent the early days of my professional life teaching philosophy at Colorado State University, helping students wrestle with life’s big questions. I discovered I could also work with people individually to address what matters so deeply to us, and added professional counseling to my work life. Teaching philosophy and practicing Christian counseling were beautifully interwoven and rewarding, but the opportunity to pursue a PhD degree from the University of Denver in Communications lured me to Denver.

As I wrestled with the findings of cognitive science for my rhetoric dissertation, I realized that the mind/body interconnection had revolutionary implications for the healing of traumatic memories. I found an energy protocol grounded in a biblical worldview and incorporated that approach to trauma work into my counseling practice.

My work with Urban Skye:

I have joined Urban Skye’s eclectic team of faith catalysts to bring this unique healing protocol to young people recovering from sexual and interpersonal trauma, as well as support to those who serve them. Through my nonprofit ministry RELEASED, I partner with other nonprofits who are at work in the city with our most vulnerable people. I help strengthen the nonprofits’ impact on youth and their families by offering an emotional and relational counseling service that is often too costly for them to provide.

Other Stuff:

Ray and I have two amazing sons and two gorgeous daughters, as well as grandchildren who charm and dazzle us. When we’re not working, we study the Gospel of Mark with Tribe in Southeast Denver and worship with Bloom. Daily we are delighted by our playful mini labradoodle Storm.