Ellen Haroutunian


Leaving behind the salty air and bracing chill of the Atlantic seaside, my husband Aram and I have been living alongside the foothills of the Rockies since moving here to attend graduate school in 1993. Together we have raised a daughter and a son who are each pursuing their own unique and creative life paths.

As a former nurse, I have long been attuned to the suffering and inequities of the world, and have felt compelled to seek a way of genuine spiritual transformation in us that might serve to connect us with and within that aching need. Over the years I have obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling, collected a long history of nerdy theological studies, earned certification as a Spiritual Director from the Benet Hill Spiritual Formation Program led the amazing nuns at the Benet Hill Monastery in CO Springs, and graduated from the Living School of Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM, which is a wisdom school that offers teaching in the way of the Christian Mystics, Contemplative practices, and Franciscan theology.

I have come to understand God as not out there somewhere, but here with us, that is, in the very fabric of our experiences as human beings. The Trinity reveals a God who is not static or removed from us, but that is the dynamic, relational ground and energy of life itself, and is always bent on creating more love, more possibility, more union, more life. This informs my life and work as a Spiritual Director, Life Coach, Psychotherapist, friend and neighbor. A few years ago my husband and I made the decision to move to a neighborhood closer to the margins of society in order to be physically present as friend and neighbor, and to offer resources that matter to them for their own growth and journeys.

My work with Urban Skye:

I meet with people for formal spiritual direction, and for coffee and informal conversation. Every week I meet new people who are seeking a spiritual path outside of religion and the church. They often have a significant awareness of God and a sense of faith, but the institutional and cultural faith that they had been taught not longer resonates because it no longer seems to make sense in this hurting world.

The contemplative path helps us to become the people we need to be- that we truly already are in God- to participate in healing the ever-widening divides and inequities, and to live as people of peace. And, to know we are all loved as we actually are without pressure to pretend to be better or to hide what we think is shameful. We all are invited to enjoy the freedom of being fully integrated and authentic people.

I am fascinated with genuine transformation and how it happens. I lead retreats for studying the contemplative path of being transformed by the renewing of our minds. This is also to deepen the journey of figuring out how to be neighbor, and how to have open and generous hands with our resources.

Other Stuff:

I am a writer, a wanderer, wonderer, a woman at the well, a paralytic on a mat, a jealous worker in the vineyard, a blind Pharisee, Mary learning at Jesus’ feet, a question asker, a pot stirrer, a wife, a mom, a Psychotherapist, an occasional cynic, an urban pastor, a theology nerd, a contemplative, a Mystic wannabe, a Trekkie, an adopter of ex-racing greyhounds and non-racing cats, and a follower of Jesus and a lover of this whole messy wonderful thing which is still becoming… .