Dave Meserve


A Kansan by birth and a Coloradan by choice, I have lived in my adopted state for over 25 years having moved here with Shari for both of us to pursue our counseling degrees. We have raised three Colorado kids: Cecelia and Caroline, college graduates who are finding their way in the world, and Charlie, our high-schooler.

My work has centered around the world of faith. I spent my first 15 years cutting my teeth at a large church in the south suburbs before moving on to found Urban Skye. That church graciously sent me to seminary to complete my MDiv (in seven short years) and helped me get ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, an ordination I still hold.

As I continue to understand my calling, it is primarily to embody our Urban Skye tag line as a "guide for the creative, spiritual life". I gravitate toward those on the fringe wanting to guide them toward a more meaningful faith and more robust community. I am hopelessly curious about the mysterious of God, the wonder of the Bible, and the mixture of faith in culture. I'm also a sucker for cool coffee shops, Kansas basketball and BBC mysteries.

My work with Urban Skye:

I am the founder of Urban Skye, a mission birthed out of my desire to live more wholly at the intersection of faith and culture. To do that, I had to leave my church job and what had become a Christian "bubble" for me.

Our first six years (Chapter One) centered on learning: we hosted hundreds of small gatherings led by me and our volunteers where we experimented in sharing our faith within meaningful cultural experiences (film, writing, books, food...) Over the next six years (Chapter Two), I focused on what it meant to be a "free-lance pastor". I spoke in churches and ministries all over the front range, wrote guides, led groups and retreats and began to recruit others who, like me, found themselves needing an organization that allowed them to raise funds to support their unique mission. In other words, I began to collect fellow pastoral misfits.

We have now entered Urban Skye: Chapter Three. Our team has tripled over the last 18 months with the most brilliant and creative "faith entrepreneurs" every assembled! As director, the heart of my work is helping our growing team in any way I can. I am support coach, pastor, counselor, encourager, editor and friend. I am also focusing on building a lead team to help create better systems to support our work as I continue to invite others to join the Urban Skye party. I believe Urban Skye is on the front edge of a movement to place part-time pastors and missionaries in the field in Denver and, eventually, in cities across America!

What else I want you to know:

In my years with Urban Skye I have supplemented my fund-raising efforts with various gigs. I have done interim work with several churches (and closed two of them, an unusual experience). Currently, I spend half my week working for a church located in Denver's Tech Center, Highline Community Church. I was asked to join their staff by their senior pastor, a friend, who needed some support and it has been a gift. I've re-entered an EPC church, re-discovered the joy of walking with a congregation over time, and been re-energized by becoming bi-vocational.

I continue to write guides for the creative, spiritual life. I am reworking my 7 Stories: A Guide for Your Spiritual Autobiography to serve small groups and retreats. I hope to make my new versions available soon. I also continue to help create Advent Guides. With two more collaborative efforts in 2015, I have seven guides in the Urban Skye Publishing stable and I hope you will consider using one (or many!) for your next Advent season.