Carin Huebner


Hi, I’m Carin. I’m a spiritual director, community developer, and network developer. Witnessing God’s continual creative work through transformation in the lives of his people is my ultimate passion and goal. I believe the artistic, creative process allows us to see our Creator in a different light, and begin worshipping Him through noticing His transformation in our lives. I originally came to Colorado from Houston, Texas for my undergraduate studies at CU-Boulder in 2007. After ending up on the east coast to finish my BFA in Fine Art Photography in 2012, I came back to Colorado as soon as I could. In Fall of 2012, I began my studies at Denver Seminary pursuing my MA in Christian Formation and Soul Care. Since graduating from Denver Seminary in May of 2015, I’ve been creating art and creating community.

My Work with Urban Skye:


My work as a spiritual director, community developer, and network developer can be vast, but specifically… I work 20 hours/week with Urban Skye on a few different projects. My entrepreneurial spirit and passion to care for artists has driven me to develop a community called fóðr (Old Norse for fodder). Fóðr´s intention is to keep artists artists: we’re creating a network to encourage one another, share needs, and have a place to say, “me too.” It’s hard to commit to doing art full time and we want to honor and encourage those that feel they were made to create. The fóðr community also tethers me to a creative community that lays outside of my own faith boundaries; this allows me to be in conversation with artists of different faith backgrounds and practices while encouraging them to be exactly who they’ve been created to be. In a similar vein, I’ve partnered with the owners of Converge Denver (one of the owners is a board member for Urban Skye) to create a role at their coworking space called ‘Artist in Presence.’ You’ve all heard of an Artist in Residence, my role is similar, but I get to bring my soul care and art skills into this creative coworking space. Through subtle, but intentional, relationship pursuits, I get to show these creatives that they are known and supported.

As a recent graduate of Denver Seminary from the Christian Formation and Soul Care program, I am developing my own spiritual direction practice through which I hope to subsidize my support through Urban Skye. The goal right now is to develop myself and begin to develop my practice through more informal direction spaces. Also as a graduate of the CFSC program at Denver Seminary, Howard Baker (the department head) has asked me to create and coordinate an alumni network for the CFSC program specifically. Currently a volunteer position, this opportunity has the potential to become part of Denver Seminary staff at some point, but is made possible right now through Urban Skye.

Whether it’s meeting in individual spiritual direction with an artist, through gatherings of thirty-plus people where we discuss the struggle of being an artist, or through creating my own art, I’m constantly trying to point people to the love and grace of God by seeing His active, creative hands in our daily lives.

Other Stuff:

I currently reside in Aurora with my husband, Jesse, who spends his days getting individuals with mental health challenges back into the workforce. We’ve expanded our family this year by adopting our Chocolate Labrador puppy, Goose Taco. We try to keep up with Goose’s voracious pursuit of adventure and fun (read: we try to keep him exhausted so he doesn’t destroy shoes and our nerves).

Learn more about what I’m up to, see my art, and stay up to date with the latest fóðr happenings at