Cari Jenkins


With over 25 years of relational ministry inside and outside of the local church context, I use my gifts and experience to make the Kingdom of God tangible through relationship, acting as a pastor to those without a pastor.

My work with Urban Skye:

As director of Urban Skye, I seek to share the story of Jesus and His invitation to live into our truest identity as children of God. I also walk with others and coach them to live out of that identity: living as people of blessing in the world. Whether with individuals or in groups I love to see individuals formed by Jesus for the transformation of the places where they live, work and play.

I accomplish this by... 

  • Praying for those who do not know Jesus and those who lead in some capacity

  • Being available relationally

  • Hosting workshops on identity and living as blessing

  • Teaching for various groups and events

  • Creating experiences for individuals to connect with others and the story of God

  • Creating opportunities for individuals to listen to and learn about life in Jesus

  • Encouraging individuals in their giftedness, vocation and call to live in Jesus for the transformation of the places where they live, work, and play

  • Weaving together relationships with others around the city, country and world to encourage, share friends, build bridges, share resources, expand learning experiences, and create opportunity and partnerships for Kingdom good

  • Encouraging connectedness with the Body of Christ by belonging to a family of faith

Other Stuff:

I live in Englewood, where I love to host, redecorate daily, play often and create beauty. I aim annually to host over 500 people for meals in various forms and to encourage true hospitality in others. You are always welcome at my table!