Ben Mercer

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A Kansan by birth and Coloradoan by God's ordaining. I moved out here the first time to work with street youth with a ministry called Prodigal Gatherings, and the second time to work for Scum of the Earth church. I connected with Dave Meserve during both of these stints and, when I stepped down from my role as Missions Pastor at Scum, I joined Dave at Urban Skye. It was during my time at Scum of the Earth that I met, dated, and married my lovely wife, Justina, and we're currently raising our adorable first son, Micah, while eagerly awaiting our second. Story and creativity have always resonated with me which explains my connection with Dave and Urban Skye. I'm regularly fascinated by God's creativity and love sharing what I see and learn with others through writing and discussion.

My work with Urban Skye:

Is in the midst of being defined: through connections with Scotland and Ireland, I'm looking at the possibility of launching a ministry portal between the US and the Celtic world. I'm also pondering ways to create short-term metro-wide Bible studies all kinds of people can come together to discuss specific books of the Bible. Finally, I would love to put my technological experience to work by helping ministries and ministers with their IT needs, be they pcs, tablets, or cell phones. In addition to all this, I help Dave as he leads our learning community of faith entrepreneurs as well as discern the direction God is calling Urban Skye.

Other Stuff:

My joy and life are my family. I love my son more than I ever thought possible and am excited for the one on the way, curious to see how he affects me, my family, and the world. I currently work as IT for an international overseas missions organization which has it's joys and challenges. I see tech support as being 'the servant of all' as, these days, everyone has technology needs and I get the opportunity to help with those in a God-honoring way through humility and humor.