A Crow


I'm another one of those Texans who loved vacationing to Colorado, and finally didn't go home. I hail from the capital of that great republic where I grew up and then left to see the world, only to return back to the same neighborhood to serve as a missions minister at the beginning of my career. I earned degrees in theology, philosophy, and psychology along the way, and was ordained in my family's faith tradition.

Taking advantage of an opportunity for transition, I moved to Denver to continue following God's call to serve those who serve in missions and ministry. This calling has always worked itself out in various forms, often simultaneously, and this is no less true in the heart of Colorado. My "day-job" is to serve the students of Denver Seminary through role Student Life, Res-Life, and Chapel.

My work with Urban Skye:

I often find myself wearing multiple hats in my work with UrbanSkye. I do a lot of missions consulting with churches and sending organizations, I'm privileged to mentor present and future missionaries, I usually have a few life-coaching clients, and more often than not I"m working on a resource for these tribes. Overall, I devote most of my time to investing in the spiritual formation, seminary, and missions communities.

Other Stuff:

I love to live in papered space and have a severe addiction to learning. As a result I'm always in the middle reading several things, and maintain an amazon wishlist of what's next. I also love to weave words myself, dabbling often in poetry and reflections with a couple books behind and a couple in the works. You won't know me long before also discovering a deep rooted affection for Lewis & Tolkien as well as a healthy love of all things coffee, having roasted for myself and others for about ten years.